Refrigerator Installation Ottawa

From a “know how “and technical aspect installing a refrigerator is relatively simple. The main challenge lies in the actual size of the fridge itself. Unless you are an experience installer it’s going to be a two man job. Here are some of the issues that need to be addressed:


1. Maneuverability

Because of the sheer size and weight of today refrigerators they are difficult to move into position without doing damage to floors and cabinetry.

2. Fridge Door Installation

Often people will discover that the doors will arrive unattached to the new refrigerator and need to be installed.

3. Water Supply

If your new refrigerator has an ice maker or drinking water supply feature then there needs to be a water connection made to your plumbing.

4.  Leveling

Making sure the unit is leveled properly is important not only for aesthetics reasons but also for the proper functioning of the refrigerator its self.

For refrigerator installation services in the Ottawa area why not call the team here at John The Plumber. We will insure that your new refrigerator will be installed properly protecting the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Call today!

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