Garbage Disposal Installation Ottawa

Garbage disposal unit ottawaWelcome to our “Garbage Disposal Installation Ottawa” page. If you have purchased a new garbage disposal unit and are looking for professional installation why not call John The Plumber.
Our garbage disposal installation serve here in Ottawa is second to none. Having it done right the first time will give you the peace of mind your looking for and the
Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your unit in top working order is important. Here are a few useful things to remember.

  • You need to run the cold water while you are operating the disposal unit. This lubricates the teeth extending the life of the unit.
  • Remember to Reset. The unit will automatically shut off if the motor is in danger of overheating – it works like a circuit breaker shutting off power to the unit. Most garbage disposals have a reset button on it. Push it first before calling in the repair man!
  • Don’t pour Greece or fat down the unit.
  • Feed it slowly – don’t jam things into it causing the unit to overwork. It will last longer and work better.

Call the team at John The Plumber and book an appointment to install your new garbage disposal unit today.

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