Dishwasher Installation Ottawa

Dishwasher Installation Ottawa There are a number of things to consider when installing your new dishwasher. The experts at John The Plumber have you covered. Each dishwasher installation requires attention to detail. There are three basic connection involved.

  1. Proper connection to your water supply.
  2. Your electrical hook-up.
  3. Drainage.

Before installing your new dishwasher we make sure that you have proper water connections, that your electrical is up to date and safe and that your drainage works properly with pumping volume of the dishwasher.

An inspection is done of the new dishwasher making sure the there are no defects in the material and that all the dishwasher functions work properly.

Having your dishwasher installed by professional insures that the unit is installed properly and the manufacturer’s warranties are not compromised. If you are looking for dishwasher installation services in the Ottawa area then why not give the Pros at John The Plumber a call today!

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