Unclog Drains & Sewers Ottawa

If a clogged or slow drain is your issue, you’ve come to the right place! It’s not uncommon for drains around Ottawa to become fully or partially blocked with debris, but it’s usually quite an easy fix. Call the Ottawa plumbing and drain experts at John The Plumber and our team will assess your problem and get your drains flowing smoothly once again.

Sewer Backing Up?

Think you have a bigger problem than hair in the bathtub drain? With our sewer line inspection camera we can examine up to 25 feet of drainage from within your home out towards the city street.

Just give us a call here in Ottawa dial  613-227-7465 and ask for John The Plumber. We can help you assess your best options for getting your plumbing working again. Note: We have just opened a new location in Kingston. Click on  drain & sewer repair Kingston to find out more.

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